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My name is Juliette. I am an expert in health equity and I help healthcare providers reduce implicit bias and health disparities for patients of color.

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What is Equity?

"What is equity? In the simplest terms, it means fairness, which is not necessarily the same thing as equality…It’s not about everybody getting the same thing, it’s about everybody getting what they need in order to improve the quality of their situation."

– Cynthia Silva Parker, Senior Associate at Interaction Institute for Social Change and Collaborative Social Change Agent


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About Me

I am an Adult Nurse Practitioner in New York City where I provide Primary and Women’s Healthcare to diverse patient populations. I have a Bachelors’ Degree from Howard University, received my Master’s Degree in Nursing and Adult Nurse Practitioner Certification from Hunter College of the City University of New York, and I am an Alumna of the Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program. I have 30 years of clinical experience in healthcare, have been recognized with awards for Customer Service, Leadership, and Clinical Excellence, am active in my local Nurse Practitioner professional organization, and volunteer in my community by educating the public about becoming empowered healthcare consumers. When I am not working to reduce racial implicit bias and health disparities for patients of color, I enjoy watching movies with my son and cats, Cookie & Tiger (Yes, they like movie time too!).  I am an avid meditator, dancer, lover of culture, and a social justice advocate.

Please watch this brief video to learn more about me and why I am passionate about health equity.

Health Equity Through Education

Implicit Bias & Primary Care

What Is Race & Why Does It Matter? Seeks to unpack the concept of race by exploring how we as individuals, as healthcare providers, and as a society define race. Through a deeper knowledge of the complexities of this important topic, participants can begin to understand how race impacts the care we provide, patients' perceptions, experience, and health outcomes.

Audience: Multidisciplinary Healthcare providers

What is Race & Why Does It Matter?

Presentation Description:

  • To critically evaluate the genetics of race and race as a social construct

  • To define personal racial, ethnic, and cultural identity

  • To define and identify racism and implicit bias

  • To define and identify social determinants of health and health equity

  • To define and identify anti-racist action


Race & Primary Care dives deep into the exploration of racial health disparities and offers 4 steps to improve the implementation of Primary Care and Preventative Health Guidelines, and to help manage implicit bias when providing care to diverse populations.

Audience: Primary Care providers

Race & Primary Care

Implicit Bias in Primary Care Practice

Presentation Description:

  • To critically evaluate the practice of race-based medicine

  • To identify additional research that provides racial and ethnic population-specific data to improve the utilization of Primary Care guidelines

  • To utilize strategies to implement preventative care guidelines and provide evidenced-based healthcare for racially and ethnically diverse patient populations


A history of racial inequity, negative experiences, and general fear has led many patients of color to avoid preventative healthcare. “Learn to Be an Educated Patient” empowers patients with information to help them live their best and healthiest lives.

Audience: Healthcare consumers who identify

as people of color

Learn to Be an Educated Patient

What You Should Expect from Your Office Visit

Presentation Description:

Race/ Health/ Equity Resources


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