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Health Equity Warrior Resource Update November 2020

With all that is going on in the world, I have been debating whether I should send an update this month. It felt as if posting links to information about health disparities that impact people of color in the midst of a global resurgence of COVID19 cases and a simultaneous reckoning with racial injustice would just be too much to process right now. We have all been bombarded with so much negativity that many mental health experts are suggesting that we unplug and care for ourselves.

So, I decided instead to share an inspirational quote from Illustrator/Activist Danielle Coke. I encourage you to consider following her on social media when you decide to plug back in so that you will have access to images and messages that challenge the current dominant narrative and inspire us to continue to work toward a more equitable future. You can find her work @ohhappydani.

Please remember that reducing our own implicit bias and health disparities for patients of color is an ongoing process. I have curated books, articles, videos, and podcasts on the Resource Page of my website to inform your journey.

Take care of yourself and each other,


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