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Illuminating Invisible Inequities in Healthcare

It has been several months since my last post because The Health Equity NP has been doing big things! Proud to contribute to the whitepaper Illuminating Invisible Inequities in Healthcare: Methods for Measuring and Combatting Implicit Racial Bias. The report provides a comprehensive assessment of racial inequities in healthcare and concrete steps for healthcare organizations to mitigate implicit bias, improve outcomes, and commit to meaningful change within healthcare institutions.

"If systems are given a roadmap of where to start and what to do, this important work will be normalized…and we will actually start to make some progress towards meaningful change," said panelist Juliette Blount.

Accountability is key. Please consider sharing this resource with leaders, decision-makers, and change agents within your networks.

"Ownership and buy-in start with leadership... and leaders need to be the example of what they expect to see in their employees... If the efforts are perceived as equitable and authentic, there will be less pushback" (Blount).

As the country adjusts to our "new normal," it seems the energy of the "racial reckoning" of 2020 has slowed down. Now is not the time for us to go back to the way things were. Instead, it is time for us to evaluate the lessons learned, get to work dismantling old, inequitable systems, and start building new systems that center equity for all. I am currently finalizing another long-term project and hope to update the website resource page with additional tools to help us do this important work before the end of the year. Please stay tuned!!!


The Health Equity NP

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